Rheem Hybrid Water Heaters Kerrville, TX

Mosty Plumbing in Kerrville is a proud provider of the Rheem Hybrid Electric Water Heater which helps save money on your utility bills and save our environment at the same time.

Saving money on your utility bills has never been easier with the unique technology of Rheem’s hybrid electric water heater. This system incorporates the traditional concept of an electrical storage tank system with a heat pump for increased efficiency. The heat pump works by pulling air from the area surrounding the tank and filtering it through the system where the heat from the air is used to heat up a refrigerant. This refrigerant is then used to heat up cold water inside your tank. Rheem understands that there may be times when the heat pump on its own may not be enough to meet all of your hot water needs. That is when the hybrid mode can be used so that water can also be heated with standard electric components. In times of particularly high demand, you can even opt to heat your water solely with electricity. The temperature and climate in which you live will also have some effect on what settings are most suited for your needs. An easy-to-use LED panel is located on the system and allows you to adjust the temperature settings of your Rheem water heater as well as choose between the different efficiency settings.

According to Rheem, using this heat pump system will only cost you an average of $234 a year, compared with standard electric water heaters that can run you a bill of over $500. Currently Rheem only has one hybrid electric model with a 50 gallon tank capacity. However, they will soon be offering the same system with a 40 gallon tank. These water heaters come with a 10 year limited warranty on the tank and parts. This Rheem system is made with anti-freeze and overheating technology for added durability. Additionally, the storage tank is lined with patented Rheemglas tank lining.

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